Disadvantages Of Tempered Glass

1. Tempered glass can no longer be cut, and processing, can only be tempered before the glass processing to the required shape, and then tempered treatment.

2. Tempered glass strength is stronger than ordinary glass, but tempered glass has the possibility of self explosion (rupture of oneself), and ordinary glass does not have the possibility of self explosion.

3. The surface of tempered glass will be uneven phenomenon (wind spot), with a slight thickness thinning. The reason for thinning is because the glass melts after the hot melt, after the strong wind to cool it quickly, so that the glass inside the crystal gap to become smaller, the pressure becomes larger, so the glass after tempering than in the tempering before the thin. In general, the 4~6mm glass becomes thinner after tempering 0.2~0.8mm, 8~20mm glass is thinner after tempering 0. Aged. 8mm. The specific degree depends on the equipment to decide, this is also tempered glass can not do mirror reason.

4. Through the tempering furnace (physical tempering) of the building used in the flat glass, will generally have deformation, the degree of deformation by the equipment and technical personnel to determine the process. To a certain extent, the effect of decorative effects (except special needs).