Development And History Of Glass Partition

With the rise of the aluminum alloy frame, the performance of the glass arbitrary division of the incisively and vividly, in this big unbounded partition of the world, aluminum alloy has become the backbone of the partition, the choice is no longer just glass safety performance, art display, but the intrinsic strength of aluminum alloy, external color, has become the inevitable choice of factors. With the increase of safety consciousness and the improvement of fire protection grade, the structure and thickness of aluminum alloy have been put forward higher requirements. In this thick frame filled with the era of partition, gradually toward maturity, to the public, became a no longer show off the design of the classic elements. When the designers put forward the present glass partition, always someone put forward, there is no better, new shape, others do not have that style?

The emergence of a form of partition is the inevitable result of economic development, but also the development of the aesthetic extension of people. As we eat rice every day, the same flour, for thousands of years people in boredom and habits between, non-stop in the creation of various flavors of pastry food, enrich our lives. Admittedly, no matter how a variety of tricks, steamed bread, noodles, rice food are people accustomed to the staple food, this is the most original time to temper the choice, is also the simplest, most popular, the most natural eating habits.

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