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Chongqing Disabled Guys Make 3D Printed Lunar Lights To Get Rid Of Poverty

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Temporary purchase of production materials, overtime work to add products, night and day delivery, only for the first time to 30 pcs 3D printed lunar lights on time to customers. Yesterday, the reporter learned from the Municipal Disabled Persons' Federation that a few days ago, Chongqing disabled entrepreneur Wu Shengliang and his companions drove more than 1900 kilometers, and went to Inner Mongolia for delivery regardless of cost. Their professionalism won the praise of customers.

It is reported that in April this year, the first disabled 3D printing employment entrepreneurship training class organized by the Municipal Disabled Persons' Federation and the Chinese Academy of Sciences started to train disabled people to master entrepreneurial employment planning, 3D printing design technology and e-commerce operations skills to help disabled people achieve Innovation and entrepreneurship. As the first batch of students, Wu Shengliang set up an entrepreneurial team. The team received more than 200 orders in less than two months. Wu Shengliang said: "I hope to create a brand that belongs to disabled people in the field of 3D printing. People with disabilities can truly achieve poverty alleviation through their own efforts and technological entrepreneurship."