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Apple's Release Feature Preview For IOS 12's New IBook Revision

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PingWest reported on June 13th that Apple released the effect of the new revision of iBook in iOS 12. The new iBook will include five tabs: Reading Now, Library, Book Store, Audiobooks, Search.

The Reading Now section will show all the books that are currently being read or listened to. One of the new Want to Read sections creates a list of interesting bibliographic wishes. Among them, the Complete the Series or You Might Like section will display some books based on the titles you have recently read. Library is your library, including books that have been downloaded to your phone. There is a timeline called Finished that shows books you have read in the past. Book Store is a book store that offers different categories such as Top Charts, Staff Picks, Editorial Collections, and Special Offers & Free. Audiobooks can preview audio books on Apple Books, and Search is a search function.