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Apple Makes A Decision IPhone Will No Longer Be Designed With Bangs

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At the top of the iPhone X screen, Apple left a small area that was not covered by the screen. According to South Korean media reports, Apple wanted to abandon the Liu Hai design. How to do it? Apple is ready to improve the components, such as 3D sensors, camera modules, and then let the screen cover the entire front face of the iPhone. Chinese mobile phone manufacturers are imitating Apple Liu Hai design. Apple is trying to find another way. It is really interesting.

Industry sources said that Apple is preparing a display for the new iPhone, which will abandon Liu Hai's design. Apple is preparing to put the OLED screen into the new iPhone and it will be launched in 2019. An industry representative said: "From 2019, Apple decided to abandon the Liu Hai design, it is negotiating with related companies. It seems that Apple is ready to install a full-screen screen for the iPhone to make the new iPhone more complete."

So far, the size, resolution, and shape of the new display have not yet been confirmed. However, from the current direction of development, the new display should be a rectangular screen, covering the entire iPhone front face.

If the front face is completely covered by the screen, there is not much space to install the receiver, front camera. It is reported that in the models introduced in 2019, Apple will retain facial recognition technology, called "Face ID". The question is how does Apple place the receiver, the front camera, and both the Face ID and the full screen? The industry is very curious. According to experts in the display industry, Apple either drills holes in the OLED screen or sets the BM (Black Matrix) area on the screen.

Apple has been trying to install a full-screen screen for the iPhone. Last year, Apple introduced the iPhone X. At that time, it said: "We have always dreamed of developing an iPhone so that all fronts are covered by the display."

Looking at other companies, many have already taken action to introduce bang designs for mobile phones. At the MWC show, Asus introduced the ZenFone 5 smartphone, which looks very similar to the iPhone X. Chinese mobile phone manufacturers and LG are also developing new mobile phones. The design is similar to that of Apple.

This fall, Apple will launch two new phones, install OLED screens, and a mobile phone to install LCD screens. The screen sizes of the OLED phones are said to be 5.85 inches and 6.64 inches, respectively. All three phones support the Face ID function. The three mobile phones have narrower borders and smaller bangs.