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Apple IPhoneX 2nd Generation Fast Charger Needs To Pass USB-C Certification

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A new report shows that third-party fast chargers require USB Type-C certification to provide the best charging speed for this year's iPhone. Apple is expected to launch the newly designed 18W electric charger for the first time in this year's iPhone lineup. The charger works with USB-C and Lightning cables to provide fast charging for the iPhone.

However, third-party chargers and data cables may require certified USB-C certification (C-AUTH) to be compatible with the 2018 iPhone lineup. If you plug in an uncertified charger or cable, the Apple iPhone 9 and the second generation iPhoneX can display a warning. Then, the iPhone will set a 2.5W bleak limit on the charging speed, which is slower than the current iPhone standard 5W charger.

But C-AUTH itself is not a bad thing. On this year's iPhone, it can reduce the risk of malicious hardware or software in USB devices. This suggests that it may be Apple's consideration of security. C-AUTH certification requirements also reduce the risk of users relying on third-party chargers and cables. They may be cheap, but experts say they are actually very dangerous. Due to tight supply, Apple's 18W power adapter will be delayed in launch time, and will be purchased separately after the iPhone is released in 2018. In other words, the only way might be to buy a new iPhone. C-AUTH certification is used by third-party brands and suppliers. You need to check if it meets the power transfer of the USB Type-C authentication standard.

The report said that even if the charger provides 18W power, the iPhone may limit its power consumption to 2.5W unless the charger and cable meet the USB Type-C certification standard. This does not mean that you can only use Apple chargers and cables: the standard is supported by more than 50 companies.