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3D Printing Technology Makes Mobile Factories A Reality!

The Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Engineering and Automation in Germany, together with the partners of the European Union's "CassaMobile" project, has developed a mobile factory that uses 3D printing technology to customize special-purpose parts close to the user. This will greatly reduce user waiting time and have the flexibility to produce.

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The idea of a mobile factory comes first from the special needs of users. For example, patients with leg fractures go to the hospital for surgery, and the surgeon needs a bone drill template suitable for different patients in order to optimally place the screws, and it may take a week to customize such a bone drill template. If a mobile factory is opened to the hospital and processed locally, the patient waiting time can be greatly reduced.

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At the heart of the mobile factory is a 3D printer, which is now capable of producing many complex parts based on different materials using 3D printing technology. Two printing processes using polyamide have been developed. In the manufacture of parts, polyamide is used as the body printing material, and a support material is first filled in the place where the printing material is not needed, and then treated with a solvent, thereby creating a three-dimensional free form structure. The camera can monitor the entire printing process and help with real-time error correction, reducing scrap rates.