Liquid Glass Screen Protector

Liquid Glass Screen Protector
Nano liquid screen protector is made of nano-silicon dioxide,which is an inorganic Material, Because it is superfine nano-scale, dimension from 1 ~ 100nm, so there are many unique properties, such as with confrontation the optical properties of ultraviolet light can improve the anti-aging,...
Product Details

The nano liquid act like tempered glass, the Nano coating form15μm protective film

1) It can increase about 2H~3H hardness for the glass phone screen, inprove the anti-scratch and anti-explosion; 

2) It still have 50% effect after 3 months, and the effect will disappear altogether about 6 months; 

3) It can anti-fingerprint and anti-oil(Reduce the fingerprint and oil adhesion) ; 

4) Reduce about 30% detrimental blue light ; 

5) If you want a better effect, you can coating twice.


For learning our product better ,you can view our video here:Liquid glass screen protector







1. Open the package, wipe the screen with a alcohol cloth and cleaning cloth;

2. Open Nano solution, and rub it evenly on the screen surface;

3. After 5-10 minutes, use Nano solution for the second rubbing;

4. After more than 10 minutes to form the protective layer, wipe the surface with a cleaning cloth until it is translucent.


1.What's the MOQ and Leading time?
  50pcs/Model,3-5 Days for the delivery 
2.What is the Capacity option for Nano Liquid Screen Protector?
  Vanco has 3 kinds of capacity, 1 ml ,3 ml, 5 ml
3.Can we put our logo or designs on your package?

    Yes, you can. OEM&ODM service are welcome.

4.What's the Scratch-Resistance and Hardness?
5.Are you a manufacturer?

    Yes, we are a experienced manufacturer with our own molds and production lines.


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