Why is the price of a piece of tempered film so different?

Everyone buys a tempered film, of course, hopes that it will be as cheap as possible. At present, the general tempered film price is about 20-50 yuan, but the tempered glass film found that some tempered film prices are comparable to the ordinary plastic film, a few wallets E-mail everywhere, why is it so cheap?

1, a small part of the loss of sales, and then raise prices.

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2. The raw materials are relatively inferior. The lowest 0.4mm glass thickness of Luoyang Glass was used. The unknown brand used in AB glue resulted in poor adhesion of tempered glass film and poor exhaust efficiency. There was a snow pattern on the paste.

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3, cutting corners on the process: the glass is not tempered in a high-temperature furnace, or the tempering time is not long enough. The tempering process takes three hours to six hours. Only after six hours can the high hardness be achieved. Without the glass reaching four hours, glass thorns will be formed during the cracking, resulting in personal safety. A big threat.

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4. The glass surface of the tempered glass film is not coated with anti-fingerprint oil, resulting in the film being very easily affixed with fingerprints, and the surface feel of the glass film may be poor.

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5, some of the eliminated products in the production process are sold.

Therefore, the purchase of tempered film must not be cheap, it is best to buy a brand of tempered film.

A tempered glass film product has to undergo many complicated steps and complicated techniques from the development of equipment, material selection, to manufacturing, etc. Its process steps are much more complicated than the production steps of ordinary mobile phone protective film. This is the reason why the tempered glass film is expensive. I hope that after you understand the manufacturing process and advantages of the tempered glass film, you will have a new perspective on the tempered glass film. Let the tempered glass film protect your love machine, and you will have a choice on how to choose a quality toughened glass film. A clear understanding.