What is the difference between the PET protective film and the TPU material? Which material is better?

PET material TPU material is the raw material for the production of mobile phone protective film, the following details explain their differences.

  PET material protective film is the most common protective film on the market. Its chemical name is polyester film. PET material protective film is characterized by a relatively hard texture, relatively scratch-resistant, and long-term use will not be as yellow as PVC material; pet protective film is generally rely on electrostatic adsorption, relatively easy foaming and shedding, but even if off In the clean water can be reused again, PET protective film prices are much more expensive than PVC. Many foreign well-known brands of mobile phones are shipped from the factory, randomly configured PET material protection stickers, using PET material protection stickers work and packaging is more beautiful, there is a protective film specially made for hot buy mobile phone models, without cutting For direct use, some of the mobile phone protective films on the market are also produced from PET materials.

  TPU is a transparent film made of polyurethane containing anti-UV polymer. It is a high-performance membrane with excellent toughness, anti-scratch, anti-collision, and wear-resistance. It is an excellent protection for high wear areas of objects. Can effectively prevent acid rain, oxidation, long-lasting protection; also has the ability to prevent collision and rubbing against rubble and ultraviolet radiation; due to its excellent ductility, transparency, strong adaptability to the curved surface, completely sticking after Affect the appearance of the object itself, and its service life is as long as 5-7 years!

   Compared with TPU material and PET material, PET material is relatively hard and easy to be plastic, and its transmittance is higher than that of TPU material. It will not yellow when used for a long time, and the price is relatively cheap, which can save costs.

  TPU material is relatively PET material, TPU material has superior toughness, unique enhanced scratch automatic repair, without any measures, over time, the scratches will be automatically repaired, good applicability, heat softening for protection Complex surfaces, irreplaceable, easy to remove, no residue, and expensive.