The role for anti-fingerprint oil in electroplating tempered glass

The electroplated anti-fingerprint oil on the surface of a tempered cell phone glass refers to a surface processing method in which the fingerprint oil is precipitated on the surface of the tempered glass through electrolysis to form a plating layer. The coating has new features in the original matrix properties.

The role of steel phone screen after anti-fingerprint plating:

1. From the aspect of appearance, the surface will be smoother, the gloss will be better, and the texture and aesthetic level will be improved.

2, steel film wear better, steel wool friction up to 3000 times, more durable scratch;

3, tempered film more durable anti-fouling, the surface is not easy to leave fingerprints and easier to erase;

4, tempered film is affixed to the screen, the sliding screen is smoother without delay, high light color HD is more real.