The determinants of quality and price of tempered film

Why is the price of tempered film so relevant, what determines the quality and price of tempered film? In fact, the main determinants can be analyzed from the following three points: “glass raw material”, “AB adhesive coating raw material” and production process.

1. Glass raw materials: There are brands on the market, Corning & Schott of the United States, Asahi Glass (AGC) of Japan, Plate Glass, Luoyang Glass and CSG of China. Different materials vary in price, quality. Ordinary glass is relatively poor flexibility, relatively weak explosion-proof, fragile. And the precision glass of Corning/Germany SCHOTT is very flexible, can be bent to fold, anti-hit!

How to distinguish: From the side, ordinary tempered glass film is cyan, abbreviated as “green glass”, and the United States Corning/Germany Schott glass film is colorless.

2. AB glue: Tempered glass film can not be electrostatically adsorbed on the screen of mobile phone like ordinary plastic protective film. It needs a thin layer of flexible double-sided tape to be attached to the inner layer of glass film. This layer of thin flexible double-sided The glue is called AB glue. AB glue is also imported into China. The use of AB glue directly determines the tempered glass film laminating effect and exhaust effect.

Visually distinguish: When testing, compare the speed of automatic adsorption.

3. Production process: Poor quality reduces the production process during production and shortens the time required for squaring and tempering.