Tempered glass film industry knowledge

Since the big screen smart phone market, everyone's enthusiasm for mobile phone film has never diminished (part of the screen streaked party ignored). The phone also updated film, from the early plastic HD film, matte film to the diamond film, mirror film, anti-see film, and then to the recent years of tempered glass film. In fact, the general summary is divided into two categories, the previous variety of films are plastic film, and tempered glass film is the glass film (this is not nonsense it)

I work tempered glass film 1 year, the tempered glass membrane raw materials, production technology, basic parameters of the familiar specifications, count as half of the professionals. Now tempered glass membrane market is very chaotic, I try my best to understand from an objective scientific point of view on the tempered glass film to share with you to discuss what those things on the phone tempered glass film.

First on the tempered glass film raw materials (glass)

The glass membrane raw materials in today's market are roughly:

Asahi Glass (AGC) (Japan)

Plate glass (Japan)

Corning (USA)

SCHOTT (Germany)

Luo glass (China)

Because tempered glass film thickness is very high, so for the moment there is no what brand of glass, from the raw materials, we are brand goods.

However, there are also high and low brand, from the quality of the glass (also can be seen from the purchase price of one square meter)

High-end: Corning & Short

Mid-end: Asahi Glass (AGC)

In the lower end: plate glass

Low-end: Luo glass. (Early Luo glass price is low, but the quality is not good, the glass is too brittle, the processing rate of bad products is very high, resulting in the final production cost is not much lower than Asahi Glass, but after the late Luo glass has been improved, processing yield with A great upgrade, finished by the processing of raw materials, Luoyang steel film products have a price advantage)

More about the glass of raw materials, whether brand or manufacturer there is false propaganda. One of the brands I know, the publicity is Corning glass, but in fact that brand of tempered glass film types, specifications, thickness and many. They only use Corning glass in that good 0.2mm piece of their good series (the price is high). Other series basically use Japanese glass or even low glass made in Japan. The specific use of what brand of glass manufacturers, the naked eye can not see the cliff. image

First on the tempered glass film material (AB glue)

What is AB glue it? Because tempered glass film like ordinary plastic protective film can be electrostatically adsorbed on the phone screen, you need to use a thin flexible double-sided adhesive attached to the glass film layer, this thin flexible double-sided adhesive called AB glue.

AB plastic brand generally, NIPPA / Nepal (Japan), Japan (Japan) TMS (Korea), and so on. The use of AB glue directly determines the tempered glass film laminating effect and exhaust effect. Nipah, Toyo and other big brands of AB plastic will appear a certain probability of bad, not to mention those "and so on" brand.

About the thickness of a tempered glass film

Currently on the market of tempered glass film thickness of 4 species: 0.4mm, 0.33mm, 0.2mm, 0.15mm. And these four thickness or refers to the thickness of the glass raw materials. Have not included the aforementioned AB glue. General AB plastic thickness of 0.085mm to 0.15mm (AB plastic brand is not the same, the thickness is not the same) Then calculate the thickness of the finished glass products are at least 0.235mm, the market product superscript thickness are only said that the raw materials thickness.

In particular, under 0.15mm of tempered glass membrane material (Corning gorilla glass)

With the ever-changing technology, so far the thinnest record has been repeatedly refreshed, Corning glass raw material thickness has reached the heinous 0.15mm. Thickness is almost equal to ordinary plastic protective film, protection is not lost ordinary tempered film (good toughness), excellent feel and transparency (because of thin), the same hardness and iPhone screen (because of the same raw material). The only downside may be the high cost of it, 0.15mm Corning glass raw material cost is 0.33mm Japan Asahi Glass 3-4 times.

Corning 0.15mm toughness of the glass film how good? To memorize Tim Cook, I also bent ......... 

(Currently the most advanced tempered glass film, almost heartless)

It is easy to get the hand at the first glance. This is the illusion that the plastic is not glass, because too thin and toughness is too good. Then under the devastation, 0.15mm glass membrane finally broken, the result is this.

About the tempered glass film hardness

First of all, to say the Mohs hardness: the most important function of the film is anti-scratch, and scratches this matter, the Mohs hardness is the most appropriate reference index, the definition is "to compare whether a mineral on the other A trace of minerals caused by scratches, which compared with the reference mineral hardness grade "

Conclusions It is clear that scratches on the screen can be scratched by something with a higher Mohs hardness than the screen material. The common thing is that nails are 2.5, aluminum, copper is 3, ordinary iron is 4-5, stainless steel is 5.5, ordinary glass is 6, Corning gorilla glass is 6.5, special glass can be close to 7, quartz (sand Main ingredient) is 7, topaz 8, corundum 9 (red, sapphire), diamond 10. Tempered glass is also glass, so its Mohs hardness is generally between 6-7, so theoretically the knife, the key (4-5.5) and other general is not left in the tempered glass film scratches. So what can be? Sand, pebbles (7+) leave a trail on your tempered glass membrane (on the screen of the phone).

If you notice that any one of the tempered glass film packaging, there will be 9H hardness logo. So what does 9H mean? Through the previous understanding, we already know that this "9H" absolutely not Mohs hardness. What does that mean? Actually refers to the pencil hardness, yes, that is, the H in the HB pencil, and the 9H level is the hardest grade of the pencil - how hard does it hold out? Obviously impossible to exceed the sharpener (5) . In other words, but all the glass, all can reach more than 9H, and all "burst table." 9H this propaganda point, meaningless.

However, no one does not claim to be 9H, otherwise it will suffer so much that the unidentified audience will think they will not reach the level of 9H.

Anti-fingerprint on the tempered glass film effect:

Many businesses have mentioned the product promotion, tempered glass film can prevent fingerprints. In fact, the exact view is that high-quality tempered glass film can reduce fingerprints in the glass film on the residue, but can not completely eliminate the generation of fingerprints. The method is to add a layer of anti-fingerprint oil on the surface of toughened glass film, and this anti-fingerprint oil coating can also be easily removed if there is stain on the surface of the toughened film.

About this anti-fingerprint oil treatment process, but also the level of points.

Lowest level: Some unscrupulous merchants completely omit this process, not coated with anti-fingerprint oil, you can achieve the effect of reducing costs and increase productivity, it is for all ages, home travel. . . Keke, summed up three words is: pit father ah!

Low-level: Hand-painted anti-fingerprint oil, is a man a brush, the anti-fingerprint oil directly artificial coating on the surface of the glass film, the disadvantage is that anti-fingerprint uneven and anti-fingerprint oil easily subsided.

Intermediate: Machine coating / plasma spraying fingerprint oil. Generally a bit of a little conscience manufacturers are using this choice. The effect of this process better than the hand, the disadvantage is less persistent. When your hands, friction, friction, like the devil's pace of demons in the film on the use of 20 days or so, you will find anti-fingerprint effect has been greatly reduced, because anti-fingerprint oil has been your friction light.

Top: Anti-fingerprint plating oil. Only a few manufacturers of high-end steel film anti-fingerprint plating oil. The principle of electroplating We all own Baidu, in short, after electroplating anti-fingerprint oil technology toughened glass film effect is summed up in four words: smooth, long-lasting. Feel tougher than ordinary steel film, anti-fingerprint effect can last for about 2 months.

About toughened glass film can really prevent mobile phone screen from smashing

This should be a lot of people care about. The answer is: YES. There are many friends around me because posted a glass film, the phone fell but the phone screen is not broken.

Making a metaphor that might not be appropriate is like the difference between wearing a seat belt and not wearing a seat belt when driving. In the event of a major accident, the seat belts at a crucial moment can save you a life, but if the vehicle crash to crash the scene, that God is no use. Tempered glass film is the truth: For example, if your cell phone drops from 1-2 meters, tempered glass film can absorb damage, protect your cell phone screen is not broken. But if the phone fell from the 30th floor, Ha ha ha - -

Conclusion: Switching from Bolun to support affixed to the glass film.

There is another reason to choose a glass film, which is easier to stick than plastic film!

Because the glass film is hard, so you can not shake it up, it is very easy to be right position.

In addition, if the fit is accidentally stuck on the fly ash, under the plastic film is a giant obvious obvious bubbles, and in the glass film there will be no bubbles, only very obvious dust

If you want to perfect paste a tempered glass film, only three conditions.

1) a relatively dust-free environment + no dust on the surface of your phone screen.

2) Take out the glass film and align it with the phone.

3) The tempered glass film you are going to attach is a piece of good quality glass film. Just gently put it on, the finger touches it, and the tempered glass film will automatically fit on the screen of the mobile phone.

About a treasure on the money of the tempered glass film

Why is it so cheap? Do not rule out the loss of a small part of sales, and then raise prices of businesses. The remaining general have these kinds of situations:

1, the more the raw material, the selection of the cheapest 0.4mm glass Lu glass, AB plastic with the unknown brand, resulting in poor bonding effect of tempered glass membrane, exhaust effect is poor, affixed to a snow pattern.

(About AB glue, it is necessary to say a few words, good AB glue and bad AB glue effect is really a lot worse, AB glue even less than the importance of glass raw materials.We think that if a tempered glass film is difficult Pull it on the screen of your cellphone, or if you look closely, you will see a little bit of white spots on the screen, and then the translucency will be poor.

2, cutting corners on the process: glass is not tempered in a high temperature furnace, or tempered enough time. This glass is very brittle, easily broken. Accidental fragmentation may also scratch the hand. Toughened glass film glass surface is not coated with anti-fingerprint oil, resulting in the film is very easy to stick fingerprints, and the touch of glass film surface will be worse.

3, shoddy: tempered glass film in the production process will have some not good but not waste products, this product is called B products, which is characterized by a little flaw, but make do with. Manufacturers from time to time these B products will be very cheap to deal with the price (1-2 yuan a range), some businesses are specialized out of this product, and then 9.9 包邮. Not careful consumers will not find.

Finally, how to judge the quality of tempered glass film, so many brands. In fact, this question is not easy to answer. In particular, the first time to buy friends of toughened glass, you get a glass film, in addition to see the thickness, there is no small flaw, the basic can not see anything. However, as experienced people such as even through some methods to test part of the tempered glass membrane performance parameters. (But these methods do not apply to the average consumer, such as bending a man, oh no, is the glass film until it breaks up to see the toughness and toughening effect of the glass film.) More is that you paste the glass film After the effect until the follow-up to experience the use of contrast to experience the piece of tempered glass film is excellent.

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