Standard for iPhone 8 glass protector for smartphone

First, appearance detection

1. Notch There are noticeable gaps in the corners of the glass or the corners of the hole.

2. The edge of the glass around the corner of the glass or the corners of the hole have a clear bar pattern

3. Scratch Glass surface and release film surface scratch

4. Point of bump generated by AB crystal surface

5. Bubbles Bubbles produced by sticking between AB glue and glass and bubbles generated by peeling off the release film

6. White edge When the glass film is put on the real machine or flat glass, the edge can not be stuck

7. Impurities Small fine foreign matter produced by adhesion between AB glue and glass

8. Misalignment When the AB glue is applied to the tempered film, the edges are not aligned and the glue is exposed.

9. Impact resistance Place the tempered glass film in the fixture, 33cm steel ball 60cm height, test center position of the falling ball 1 times

Fingerprint oil effect Use #0000 steel wool, 1000 g pressure, 40 times per minute, make 1500 rubs, 2cm*2cm grinding head

10. Surface Hardness The glass film was stuck on the test board. The pencil of Sanling 9H was selected, and the core was cut into a cylindrical shape and polished on a 400-mesh sand paper, and mounted on a dedicated pencil hardness tester. 1000g along the 0t, ° direction, the pencil stroked forward about 4-5cm, a total of 5, and then use an eraser to wipe the pencil mark clean.

11. Transmittance The unused glass is placed on the left side of the test instrument for testing. The oleophobic test is performed with an oil-based pen on a tempered glass surface and wiped with a dust-free cloth.

12. Bending degree The effect of tempering requires: the fixed side is parallel to the angle ruler, and the other side of the product is hand-held, with the glass facing outwards.

Second, reliability testing

1. Impact detection 2. Fingerprint no effect 3. Surface hardness 4. Transmittance 5. Rainbow pattern 6. Oil immersion test 7. Sensitivity

smartphone screen cover 1.jpg

                2.5D glass protector for iPhone 8

best plastic screen protector 2.jpg

                       3D Tempered Glass protector for iPhone 8