Smart Android manufacturers all know to mimic the iPhone But is this really useful?

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Since the introduction of the iPhone X into the market, full-screen mobile phone immediately became the new darling of the smart phone market, and when it comes to full-screen mobile phone, in fact, before the launch of the iPhone X, Andrews father to create the Essential Phone has done But by then, Android handset makers did not choose to replicate the Essential Phone design, and when the iPhone X was first launched, a large number of Android makers started competing for the fullscreen handset market.

Where is the reason? Perhaps this is largely due to Apple's overwhelming advertising PR effect, prior to the launch of each iPhone, Apple must advance to the users millions of video and advertising, these large commercial hype for its After the iPhone X sales are closely related, when the global billions of eyes are focused on this new smart machine, presumably whether it is electronic giants or small digital manufacturers, may be spontaneously produce a logical idea, Copy and imitate the apple

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Look at the 2018 mobile phone market, you will find a very conspicuous trend, with the exception of the LG G7, many full-screen smart phones are priced at people in the low-end products, compared to the recent Apple's latest iPhone X high The price of these smartphones bring the price contrast is quite huge. And Apple, which has dominated the entire mobile communications market, has long been adept at advertising and commercial hype, and every hype has grown in size, but has also been a huge success without exception, Attracting global customers has created the advantage that they will be able to capture the dominant market for smartphones 10 years after they first introduced the iPhone.

Especially those with better economic conditions, these devices are their very popular products, and Apple also for the low-end users to create a series of products such as iPhone SE to fill one of the market vacancies, but despite this, Apple in the mobile phone market The gap between the different prices and the market is still very large, although Apple's iPhone has not yet achieved the goal of globalization, but their advertising and PR effect has indeed reached almost every country in the world, of course, such as Ulefone, Leagoo, Doogee, OPPO and domestic brands, Huawei is also among them.

In any case, Apple has indeed made significant contributions to leading the smart phone market in terms of its direction of development and hardware technology. No matter how the major Android handset makers imitate, it seems that it is still very hard to shake up the position of Apple's smart machine, and We also need to be very clear that Andrews phone is a collection of a large number of Android mobile phone manufacturers, any one of them brought out compared to Apple to look thin, they have largely used Google's platform Apple, which uses the iOS system, still has a huge advantage in this area.