Skill for install Screen protector

First, we must clean the LCD screen. The purpose of this step is to prevent dust inside, affect the film effect and produce bubbles. If it is a bit smaller, stick it evenly on both sides. Don't tear the film on one side with a large seam. Equal to the screen frame, look for the card, and slowly pull it down while pulling forward.

There may be two cases in the process of sticking. There will be some small dust on the film. There will be air bubbles attached to it. Solution: Use the tape that has been prepared before, as shown in the figure below to find a place with small dust. ,Use sticky tape to stick away dust on it (If there is dust, there must be air bubbles, so cleaning before filming is very important) There may be some small bubbles left after sticking. Under normal circumstances, as long as it is an electrostatically adsorbed film, it will itself Disappearance, so when choosing a laptop screen protector, be sure to choose the electrostatic adsorption protective film.

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Contents: Preparation tools: 1. A film corresponding to the mobile phone (referred to as the original film) (2), a magnetic card (3) glasses cloth or mirror cloth can be (usually do not have the original rubbing lens cloth inside the original film, because Wipe the lens cloth too much cloth gray) (4) The best use is a table lamp and the like under the bright light (where the light is better in the film process can see the cleanness of the screen), use: 1. Observe the original Whether the film is creased or not, if any, wipe the screen first to prevent air bubbles from sticking to the screen. Then stick it in slowly. Repeat until the bubbles disappear.

Make sure there is no dust and fingerprints on the screen.