Six tips when buying toughened film

If you want to protect your phone and your phone screen is the second most expensive component in your smartphone, use a screen protector to prevent scratches and other damage.

The trouble you may have is choosing which screen protector to use. There are a variety of online networks. Terms such as "9H hardness" and "toughened glass" make you confused. So what should you buy? This article is a quick guide to understanding screen protectors.

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Tempered glass film

Do you need a screen protector?

Your smartphone also needs a screen protector? Yes, but you need to buy a good phone membrane.

Most smartphones today have gorilla glass or other scratch-resistant glass. This type of glass is scratch-resistant and crack-resistant, but certain items, such as beach sand, can quickly damage your screen.

2, plastic and glass

Most of the time, you will find two types of screen protectors: plastic film and tempered glass film.

Plastic film protective film has been around for a long time, you have seen these protective film. They look like a small piece of plastic. When they roll easily, you need to be careful about them. Plastic protective film is quite cheap, but the plastic protector is not too strong, so in the case of drop and drop will not help. They are suitable for regular replacement, but toughened glass will have greater elasticity. There are two plastic film: wet coating and dry coating.

Tempered glass protective film in the past few years has become more and more popular, especially the price fell sharply. You can now find a very cheap tempered film, a small investment to protect a handset worth a thousand dollars. Tempered glass protective film provides better scratch resistance, more importantly, although the screen is isolated a little. Tempered glass is also closer to your actual screen feel, which makes the use of more pleasant.

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In both, certainly buy better tempered glass protective film.

3, what is tempered glass protective film?

As the name implies, toughened glass is made of glass. Tempering is the process of heating glass to form a sheet and then rapidly cooling it. Thus forming a more durable glass.

Tempered glass protector is characterized by its easy to maintain its shape. Its stiffness makes it easier to use because you can align it carefully and then stick it down. In addition, the replacement of toughened glass screen protector replacement than the damaged cell phone display easier.

4, tempered glass protective film can be bent it?

Hold your hand and you will feel it bend a little. In your head, ask: "Wait a second, if this is glass, how flexible?

The glass is bendable.

Wondering some shocking things? Your iPhone, iPad, your Android's screen can be curved.

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Tempered glass film can be bent

Do not think of these glass cups as you can see on the kitchen or coffee table. Those are much thicker than the glass film. The fineness and tempering process make these glasses harder, which is why they can withstand more stress before cracking.

5, what is 9H hardness? Really important

Once you start buying glass screen protectors, you will see some specifications like 9H hardness, nano-coating and more. What do they mean, what is really important.

9H Hardness: 9H Hardness means the screen is not scratched by a 9H pencil, which is the thorniest of all standard pencils. This is not a good test, to be honest, but it is a good argument to determine if the manufacturer cares enough for test protection.

Nano coating (anti-fingerprint): Unlike plastic film, toughened glass leaves fingerprints. Nano-coating repels oil, which basically means your fingerprints will not stick. Wipe with microfiber cloth will eliminate them.

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Privacy: This protective film can reduce the viewing angle of the screen, next to people can not see the screen content from the side.

Matte display (matte): Matte and bright (high penetration) has been controversial. You should choose the protective film according to your preference. Matte protective film is not as common as glossy protective film, but they are also suitable for most popular mobile phones.

You can try different types of protective film, once encountered you like, you will always use this type.

Screen protector fact

Remember, the protective film is only above the screen, they do not like the phone shell around the entire phone. So if your cellphone falls right at a corner, the screen and the glass film will crack from there.

Protective film is a must, whether you buy toughened glass or plastic film.

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