PET protective film manufacturing process

The production of PET protective film is very important in the first place because the customer has high requirements on the cleanliness of the PET protective film. It can only be satisfied if it is produced in a 10,000-dust cleanroom. The production equipment needs a coating production line, a recycling machine, a slitting machine, a slitting machine, and the like.


  PET film must be purchased before the production of PET original film, which is PET film, the base film must be better transparency, no wrinkles, no scratches, no dirt, so the incoming inspection must be careful, not because the base film The flaws affect the quality of the back PET protective film.


Here's how to make PET protective film:


First, the prepared PET base film is corona-treated on one side, and its role is to increase the surface tension, enhance the adsorption, and lay the foundation for coating glue behind.


Second, the corona over the PET film, into the coating production line, single-sided coating of acrylic glue or silicone glue, what glue coating? This should be based on customer needs.


Third, the coated PET protective film can be directly on the production line to complete the drying process, the protective film after drying is rolled into a large mother roll by the number of meters. The coded parent volume is coded and sent to the curing room for curing.


Fourth, the maturation of the mother roll according to the principle of first-in, first-out, and then rewind according to customer requirements and cut into their desired specifications, if you need double and triple PET protective film, but also for re-processing, fitting PE Protective film or release film.