Mobile phone TPU Anti explosion screen guard

Mobile phone screen film guard, I believe the word we are already familiar with, from the early PET plastic film, now the tempered glass foil, has been around us, the streets looked up and saw a bow can see, A lot of people do this line, what film sister, foil sister also appeared. Today to tell you, is to share TPU nano explosion-proof membrane thing, from a protective film raw materials practitioners point of view to give everyone a popularization of knowledge.

Nano Explosion film The word should be from the end of last year by the business hype, in fact, there are nano-name, not what kind of nanotechnology, film industry is very strange, maybe someone from a name, and then Fried up. Just like the 2.5D toughening film, which was overwhelmed by the others, finally met the "founders" of this term. When they just promoted the craft, they used 2.5D, which means that the angle of the arc edge was chamfered The meaning of a circle, nothing else.

Explosion-proof membrane, in fact, as early as three years ago, speaking of the first batch of explosion-proof membrane to promote, but also have their own Yeah. However, this film has been in the country did not fire up, on the contrary, fire abroad. Up to now, overseas explosion-proof membrane orders than domestic large. Foreign this product is recognized. Personally think that is mainly environmental protection. TPU is a biodegradable material, throw it in the wild, the material will be decomposed out of ten years, it will not cause pollution to the environment!

Explosion-proof mobile phones after several years of development, in fact, has changed a lot. Including online sales now, the basic is not a good thing, from the structure and materials can give you an analysis.

(According to the material from cheap to expensive to sort)

1, PET + PET bonding. Two layers of PET material from the bond, the thickness is thick enough, about 0.25mm or so. The lowest cost is it, the surface is blue PET release film (now the words are explosion-proof membrane blue), this is no explosion-proof effect, pure 忽悠 consumers, many manufacturers of the previous PET plastic HD film that useless End, all thrown out, is this kind of garbage, and now 99% of the market are such goods.

2, TPU + PET fit. With TPU are the real explosion-proof membrane, but the explosion-proof effect depends on the thickness of the TPU, so why some can hit walnut, and some can play a nail hammer, there is a difference. TPU thickness generally useful 0.1mm / 0.15mm / 0.2mm, can really hit the nail is 0.2mm, then the total thickness of a film should be about 0.35mm, and, TPU material is also divided into good and bad hard and soft, Not made in China. The cost of the entire material is four to five times higher than the first one above, so knowing why 99% of the market is the first one?

3, PET + TPU + PET three-layer fit. This cost is relatively higher, reaching twice the second. Three-layer composite explosion-proof membrane, TPU thickness is generally about 0.15mm, but there is a layer of TPU surface PET, the surface can handle a variety of processes, such as scratch-resistant to 5H, anti-fingerprint anti-illegal processing, it is not the second Can be compared. The effect of this explosion-proof membrane can also achieve the second effect.

4, PET + TPU two-story fit, the effect is equal to the third plus the second, the production more difficult, but when the foil better stickers. This is generally the export, the second third in the domestic market is also occasionally encountered, this basic will not appear in the store.

5, TPU single-layer structure. This explosion-proof membrane, if the knife mold open reasonably, the viscosity of the material, you can paste 2.5D screen full coverage. But a bad thing is that because of the higher viscosity of the explosion-proof membrane, the general consumption is not affixed, it is easy to paste bad. However, this film is very thin, the overall 0.2mm or so, and now, there will be a lot of 2.5D screen affixed to the white side of the tempered film problem, with this explosion-proof membrane, there is absolutely no white side of the situation.

TPU nano-explosion-proof membrane in the past on the market several major categories, how the specific material quality, viscosity how, how explosion-proof performance and so on, there is too much to say, for the time being we can understand the basic on it. So, online want to buy explosion-proof membrane, or choose to give up, buy it back when the ordinary foil with just like, do not show off to hit the walnut smash nails, it is to give yourself a shame oh.

Blink of an eye, the film itself has been engaged in mobile phone film this one three or four years, and if someone concerned about this knowledge, let us slowly to share experience later ha.

For everyone a picture, how to judge from the picture This is how a kind of explosion-proof membrane it?

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