Is Cartoon Tempered Glass Protector Good ?

Now that mobile phones are getting faster and faster, every time they change the phone, they will go to the film. Now most people will choose tempered glass protective film. Currently, cartoon tempered glass film is popular with young people, cartoon tempered glass film. The surface has a concave-convex texture, feels good, is simple to stick, is not afraid of bubbles, and is easy to smear. As more and more people appear to question the cartoon film, how about a cartoon tempered glass film?

nano shield liquid screen protector.jpg

Cartoon tempered glass film screen area comes with tempered glass film, the characteristics of electrostatic adsorption, the screen area surface has a smooth feel, feel good, simple method, not afraid of bubbles, easy to smooth, only the front film is tempered glass material, edge and The posterior membrane is made of PET material, ie, a striae membrane.

   The characteristics of the cartoon glass film front membrane is electrostatic adsorption, no glue residue, no traces, semi-permeable texture, avoiding handling after tearing off, using imported PET film as the substrate material; the front membrane screen area has a high-transmitting membrane And then put the HD film, the surface has a grainy, feel very good, matte feel first-class, with non-slip, anti-scratch effect, simple method, not afraid of bubbles, easy to wipe.

    Vanco is a professional tempered glass film manufacturer. Our cartoon steel tempered glass film models can be used to make telephone consultation. The tempered glass color film is not tempered glass film before and after, only the front film is tempered. Glass material, the surface of the surrounding pattern is textured, the screen area is a high-gloss smooth surface, and the back film is a striae color film.