How to remove the iPhone's tempered film

After a certain period of time, the mobile phone film will wear out or break after a certain period of time, so for aesthetics and safety, we often re-apply a film. It seems to be a little expensive to give shop films, instead we can buy a tempered film. Do it yourself, on the one hand, economic benefits, on the other hand is to learn a good hand, after the phone membrane can easily get. Today's demonstration is how to remove the toughened cell phone membrane and remove the old film from the new membrane. Stick it with one hand and hope to help you.


The first step: to remove the old film of our love machine, because some tempered film cracks only the corners, the overall fit more closely, so to the old film is still more troublesome.

Using a sharp object, pick up the toughened film on the corner of the mobile phone and use a knife. We choose according to the tools on hand, and pay attention to upward force in the process of smashing. Do not scratch the love machine.

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The second step: Then use the same method to split the other three corners of the tempered film. Use a little more force when you hoe, so that you can pull up the four sides of the tempered film;

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The third step: After all four corners are picked up, grab the lower corner and forcefully pull up, and then the entire tempered membrane will begin to loosen, continuously pull up the four corners until the tempered membrane is removed, the task of removing the old membrane is completed The steel film is removed.

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