How to remove mobile phone glass film rightly ?

Mobile phone tempered film has become a must-have item for mobile phone users. In order to protect your favorite mobile phone, the importance of a mobile phone tempered film is self-evident. As a mainstream product on the market, mobile phone tempered film has been popular with consumers. So, what if the tempered film is broken or stuck? How to take it down? Steel film manufacturers tell you

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Method one: When taking the mobile phone tempered film, use the kind of wide tape to stick to the top first, then use your fingernail to draw it inwards a little, and then use your fingernail to set up the tape so that you can remove the whole piece of tempered glass film.

Method two: a good quality mobile phone tempered glass protective film as long as the nails gently smashing at the corners, it will appear a little blister. Then the steel film can be directly torn off, there will be no adhesive up, it is easy and very convenient. If it is a very cheap and inexpensive protective film, you can use the tip of a very sharp knife to carefully remove a corner from the corner of the protective film, or you can use your hand to squat.

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Features for Mobile Phone tempered film:

        1, electroplating fingerprint oil spray, so that fingerprints and oil is not easy to stay on the surface, easy to clean.

        2, full fit, automatic adsorption, repeatable fit

        3, 4 hours tempered to 9H hardness, 3 times the strength of ordinary PET. Cutters and keys are not cut

        4, delicate touch: strong paste on the back, easy film, close to the screen, it will not affect the touch screen touch sensitivity.

        5, explosion-proof, shatter-resistant glass breaks into small pieces that are not sharp, more secure than other glass cracks.