How to protect the mobile phone protective film?

Now many people buy a mobile phone will be used to their own love machine posted a film, but the use of mobile phones in life are different, it is easy to protect the mobile phone screen protection film is dirty, because everyone is not very understanding of the characteristics of mobile phone tempered film , I do not know how to protect, here we talk about how to protect the mobile phone protective film.

First, the removal of the protective film

First remove the protective film from the machine. BG Micros has two BG dust sticks for each protective film product. In addition to cleaning the screen, the BG Dust Stick can also help you to complete the disassembly operation quickly without damaging the protective film and the screen.

The first step: stick the dust on the protective film

Remove the BG dust sticker again and attach it to the corner of the protective film. Press firmly on the dust strip and let it stick to the protective film.

The second step: remove the protective film

When the film is pulled in the opposite direction, a corner of the protective film will be pulled up. At this time, the second piece of dust can be attached to the inside of the adsorption layer of the protective film, corresponding to the position of the first piece of dust-removing sticker. The protective film can be peeled off at this point. The BG dust is affixed with a special adhesive, which will not damage the silicone adsorption layer of the protective film. Even if repeated pasting, it will not leave residues on the protective film.

The third step: re-filming

Follow the steps in "Installing Protective Film" above to reattach the protective film. Because the protective film's absorptive layer is less protected by No. 1 release film, extra care must be taken when re-adhesive.

Second, the protective film washing and maintenance

The first step: Put pure water into the water

Prepare a larger cup, at least able to hold the entire protective film, and install pure water. Use a dust strip to remove the protective film from the phone, hold the dust strip, and place the protective film back and forth in the water.

The second step: naturally dry

After the protective film is cleaned, it can be withdrawn from the water and placed in a cool place. It is recommended that the protective film be leaned against the cup and the protective film should be sucked down. After the water droplets are completely dry, they can be reattached. After the protective film has been washed with water, it must be air-dried naturally. Do not use a soft cloth to wipe the adsorbent layer. Otherwise, it will stick to dust. If you do not adhere to the dust, you can wash it repeatedly.

Matters needing attention: After washing the mobile phone protective film should be avoided in the sun film, exposure or storage, high temperature will cause the protective film deformation, affecting its life. Do not use alcohol or other corrosive cleaning solvents for cleaning. Such solvents will damage the protective film. Not all brands of protective film can be washed and maintained. Please understand that the product has this feature before it can be operated.