How to Produce Mobile Screen Guard Glass

Toughened glass film is the most popular mobile phone advanced protective masks, cell phone tempered glass membrane in our cell phone protection has played an important role, but many people do not know it well.

Tempered glass film features the use of tempered glass material, compared to the average plastic, can play a better scratch effect, and anti-fingerprint and anti-oil effect is better. And you can think of tempered film as the phone's second screen, if the phone falls, the tempered film can indeed absorb some damage, play a role in reducing the probability of broken screen.

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Tempered glass film has the following characteristics:

1, HD: light transmittance of 90% or more, the picture is clear, highlight the three-dimensional, improve visual effects, prolonged use of the eyes is not easy to fatigue.

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High transmittance

2, Scratch-resistant: Glass material after high-temperature toughening, much higher than ordinary film, common tools in daily life, keys, etc. will not scratch the glass film, while the plastic film is different, there will be scratches after a few days , Can scratch their stuff almost everywhere, keys, knives, zipper head, buttons, nibs and so on.

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High hardness, scratch-resistant and strong

3, the buffer: For mobile phones, tempered glass film can play a cushioning effect of the shock, if the fall is not serious, tempered glass membrane, the phone screen will not be broken.

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Known as the "second screen of mobile phone"

4, ultra-thin design: the thickness of 0.15-0.4mm, the thinner the less affect the appearance of the phone, the ultra-thin glass paste, as if the perfect fit with your phone, combined.

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Sparse, antifouling, smooth

5, anti-fingerprinting: glass coating surface after adding coating treatment, the touch is more smooth, so annoying fingerprint is no longer easily residual, while the majority of plastic film is relatively jerky touch

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Electrostatic adsorption

6, automatic bonding: the alignment of the phone at the phone bit, put it to automatically fit, without any skills, automatic adsorption.

Based on the above characteristics, the choice of glass reinforced film to protect the phone better than the plastic film. So how is the tempered film produced? In the end is it selected what raw materials? What process is it used?

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Tempered glass film is how to make?

Compared to other industries, foil technology is not high, most people may think of tempered glass foil will have this view. Recently, however, we interviewed a film manufacturer, during the interview found that the production process of tempered glass film is not as simple as we think, the film through a series of complex procedures, and finally can become one you can see Smooth, translucent foil.

Raw materials: Different materials have different glass

Glass film is made from different brands of glass raw materials. Since it is tempered glass film, then the importance of its raw materials - glass is self-evident, the original glass according to the manufacturer can be divided into domestic and imported two parts, including domestic Luo Lu, CSG, Japan imported Asahi Glass (AGC), Plate Glass, Central Glass, Schott, Germany and Corning. Cheap tempered glass film to the original glass-based film.

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Glass raw materials

In terms of quality, SCHOTT> AGC> Corning> Mid-tier domestic (such as Glass)> low-end domestic (no-name). AGC, SCHOTT, Corning have three representatives of their products, the quality of the top three products are among the best, the difference is not great. So what is the main difference between domestic and imported? The main difference between the two is the light transmittance and price. The transmittance of domestic materials can only reach 92% or lower, imported materials to ensure that the light transmittance of more than 95%, with a better visual experience, of course, the price of imports is even higher.

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The first full inspection

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Open the material

Of course, the smaller the thickness of the glass film, the better the feel, the higher the fit, and the thicker the feel is, the worse it is. Now if you need to buy glass film, it is best to buy 0.2mm, the highest cost-effective. Now the market has a relatively large thickness of domestic production of glass, the thickness of less than 0.5mm, it is difficult to feel it by hand, whether it is 0.2mm with 0.3mm, or 0.3mm with 0.4mm, are very difficult to distinguish . So on the market there are some adverse tempering film manufacturers in order to confuse consumers.

0.4mm above the thickness of the glass film, too thick a very affect the feel, and now basically eliminated.

0.3mm is now the mainstream entry thickness, but it looks a little thicker, the price of 50 yuan.

0.2mm is now the mainstream of high-quality steel film, permeability, feel is a good, slightly more expensive, are basically 60 yuan.

0.15mm is now the thinnest process, the pursuit of the ultimate permeability and feel is not bad money Hao Hao, split a direct exchange, the price of more than 100 yuan.

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Here to say 0.2mm under the tempered glass membrane raw materials, so far, can be made of raw material thickness is 0.2mm, only the United States Corning and Germany SCHOTT two kinds of glass. There is also a 0.2mm tempered glass film material, is 0.33mm thickness of the glass raw material soaked in chemical water thinning. This thinned glass material, the thickness will be less uniform. Thick places may be 0.25mm, thin places 0.22mm. After treatment of 0.2mm glass in toughness and flatness will be less than native 0.2mm. However, the cost is still much higher than normal 0.33mm glass.

Corning and Germany SCHOTT is able to do the thickness of 0.2mm below the market, the higher the cost, but there is no shortage of large quantities of cheap known 0.2mm, 0.15mm tempered glass film. Why is that? In fact, the thickness of virtual standard glass tempered glass industry is a public secret, 0.3mm assumes that 0.2mm or even 0.15mm abound. The difference between the thickness of less than 0.1, it is difficult to feel out of hand. So the virtual standard thickness is "an open secret."

Whether it is tempered glass film manufacturers or tempered glass film traders, do not mark the thickness of the AB double-sided tape used on tempered glass, resulting in the concealment of the true thickness of tempered glass film. Tempered glass membrane products are composed of two parts: tempered glass + AB double-sided adhesive, which AB double-sided adhesive the thickest 0.2mm, the thinnest of 0.093mm, the so-called 0.4 thickness of the real tempered glass film product thickness: 0.493 mm ~ 0.6mm.

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After opening the glass

It should be noted that Corning gorilla glass, Japan AGC, Schott Xensation generally refers to the phone glass cover (touch screen protection glass), these manufacturers do not produce mobile phone foil. But the film manufacturers to buy glass directly to the original cutting, trimming, made of chemical tempering, so strictly speaking, these films can not be labeled gorilla glass title.

Processing technology: CNC, polishing, steel

Whether the quality of toughened glass meets the standard, in addition to the reasons for the glass raw materials, the process parameters set is reasonable is the deciding factor. Only by thoroughly understanding their roles and relationships with one another can high-quality glass films be produced. The process of determining the quality of finished glass film process there are three: CNC cutting, arc polishing and toughening furnace.

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CNC after the glass

Through the first opening process of rectangular small size processed into glass, and then through the CNC engraving machine to cut the glass material into the shape of the phone model will be required to open the glass and other steps can not be the general process of glass products Processing, and the use of large-scale carving machine with the use of general engraving machine difference lies in the glass film hole and the edge of the glass with the naked eye can not see the flash. Hole is not allowed at most user experience worse, but the size of burrs will directly affect the service life of the glass film. And because the flash can not be seen with the naked eye, only with a microscope to see, so this one process, many small protective film manufacturers in order to reduce costs, using only the knife mold to make.

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The Second Full Inspection

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2.5D arc edge process

Arc polishing is the edge of the tempered steel film around into a 2.5D arc edge, tempered glass film edge than the right angle more than a chamfer process, more beautiful, the cost is higher. So why 2.5D after the product will be more expensive Arc Edge it? The first is the cost of time, this will not explain. The second is the scrap rate, 2.5D than the right-angle side of the glass film to be more than 30 percent scrap rate, a direct pull costs increase.

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Polishing Machine

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Ultrasonic cleaning

Next, you need to put the glass into the ultrasonic cleaning agent to clean, after cleaning the effect is not allowed to have scratches, watermarks, white spots, fingerprints, milling, dust left above, cleanroom effect must be handled.

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Sweeping inspection

The tempering furnace tempered glass film is semi-finished products in the furnace and potassium nitrate role so that the strength of the glass film to slightly enhance the strength and greatly increase the toughness, even if the glass film to ensure fragmentation, it will not harm the human body.

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Toughened salt 

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The strength of the glass after the toughening increases, the compressive strength of up to 125MPa or more, 4 to 5 times larger than ordinary glass; impact strength is also high, measured by the steel ball method, 0.8kg ball falling from a height of 1.2m, The glass can remain intact.

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Falling ball test

Not only the strength, toughened glass is much more flexible than ordinary glass, a piece of 1200mm × 350mm × 6mm toughened glass, after the force can occur up to 100mm bending deflection, when the external force removed, can still be restored to its original shape, while the ordinary Glass bending deformation can only have a few millimeters. When you get a glass film, bending the upper and lower sides of the steel film, the closer to prove the toughening effect and the better the glass toughness. After fragmentation, it should be very beautiful spider web like lines, debris should be very small.

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Verify the Tempering effect

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Fracture test

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Good tempered film, even after fragmentation into a film, will not hurt wounds, debris small

Do not consider the bonding of the glass film adhesive, these three processes are the most likely to produce three defective glass film process. Cutting and polishing can cause glass bursting. Tempering furnace toughening time is not enough, the material will not lead nitrate strength and toughness decreased. Most of the bad products produced in the production process has been eliminated, there are a small number of defective products is the naked eye can not detect, leaving trachoma tracts of eye and other goods were as good to enter the market, a little use will appear fragmentation.

4 electroplating oil: make the film more smooth

We have noticed that the touch on the surface of toughened glass film is completely different from that of plastic film, which is more smooth and very close to the touch of mobile phone screen. Many manufacturers propaganda toughened film can prevent fingerprints, in fact, the exact view is that high-quality tempered glass film can reduce fingerprints in the glass film on the residue, but can not completely eliminate the generation of fingerprints. The method is to add a layer of anti-fingerprint oil on the surface of toughened glass film, and this anti-fingerprint oil coating can also be easily removed if there is stain on the surface of the toughened film. About this anti-fingerprint oil treatment process, but also the level of points.

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White test

There are only three oiling methods on the market today: hand, spray and vacuum coating. Manual is a manpower hand brush, sticky oil brush oil on the glass, the disadvantage is non-uniform anti-fingerprint, anti-fingerprint oil easily subsided. Spraying is the use of spraying machine, instead of manpower, to the glass spray, sprayer a 20,000 cost around. The effect of this process better than the hand, the disadvantage is less persistent. The actual situation is the use of 20 days or so, you will find anti-fingerprint effect has been significantly reduced, because anti-fingerprint oil has been polished.

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The Fourth Full Inspection

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Vacuum coating is the glass on the vacuum space, the oil injected into the oil droplets in the face of the vacuum environment will become a mist, and then scattered on the glass, the cost of imported vacuum coating machine over a million. The difference lies in the level of adhesion of this layer of oil.

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After electroplating anti-fingerprint oil technology toughened glass film effect is reflected in the touch more smooth, the effect is more durable and generally can last for about 2 months.

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Water drop angle test

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How to test the coating effect? General three ways to identify. 1) Fingerprinting, the smoother, said the better the effect 2) Drip in the glass front, also known as glossy. The smaller the angle formed by the contact between the water drop and the glass surface, the better it is. This is called the drop angle. 3) Painting with oily pen, it is hard to write the small drop of water to show that the coating effect is good and the harder it is to write.

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The middle is tempered glass foil, PET material on both sides of the foil.

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Water droplets condensate without dispersion

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Drop a few drops of water on the glass film, the water droplets condensate without dispersion, the water drops will slide, the glass film has easy to clean features, leaving the screen fingerprints can be easily removed, but also provides ultra-smooth touch sensitivity. This phenomenon is like "lotus effect".

Lotus effect refers to the lotus self-cleaning phenomenon. In the 1970s, Botanist Botanist at the University of Bonn found that the surface of the leaves of a plant was found to be dusty on the surface of smooth leaves, which must be cleaned before being observed under a microscope. However, the surface of water-repellent leaves such as lotus leaves is always Clean They found that the special structure of lotus leaf surface self-cleaning function. Lotus out of the mud without staining, since ancient times has been regarded as a symbol of purity, so this self-cleaning function is also known as the "Lotus Effect."

5 plastic paste: a direct impact on fit effect

Mentioned earlier, the electroplating of steel, the main said that the glass film and hand-side contact with the coating treatment. In the glass membrane and cell phone contact this side, but also need to apply a layer of epoxy AB glue, it can be adsorbed to the phone screen.

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Sticking plastic workshop

The core technology of tempered glass membrane products is the AB double-sided adhesive used on tempered glass. What is AB glue? Because tempered glass film like ordinary plastic protective film can be electrostatically adsorbed on the phone screen, you need to use a thin flexible double-sided adhesive attached to the glass film layer, this thin flexible double-sided adhesive called AB glue. AB plastic brand generally, NIPPA / Nepal (Japan), Japan (Japan) TMS (South Korea), as well as domestic and so on. The use of AB glue directly determines the tempered glass film laminating effect and exhaust effect.

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At this stage, AB double-sided adhesive products with acceptable quality are imported (Japan and South Korea). In addition to the above three manufacturers from Japan and South Korea, AB double-sided adhesive manufacturers in China and other regions have many quality problems such as high thickness , Poor light transmission, prone to bubbles, snow pattern, Alice edge, degumming and so on. For example, just bought back the tempered glass film and found the corners can not be compacted, resulting in lines and other phenomena, most likely the manufacturer to use a poor quality AB glue.

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AB glue directly affect the effect

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The fifth full inspection

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Finally, the effect of treatment is completed and meet the requirements of the product cleaning, inspection, packaging, packaging, packaging with low-viscosity protective film, the film can not be bubble phenomenon.


A tempered glass film product from the research and development equipment, material selection, and then to the manufacturing process throughout the process have to go through many complicated steps and complex technology, its process steps than ordinary cell phone protective film production steps to be complicated, This is the reason why toughened glass film is more expensive. Hope that after you understand the production process and advantages of tempered glass film can have a new view on tempered glass film, tempered glass film escort your love machine, but also on how to choose a high-quality tempered glass membrane will have A clear understanding.

To distinguish the glass film is good or bad, the main can see several points:

1. Translucent performance: in front of the light to see if there are impurities, is clear. Good tempered glass film due to the density, light transmittance is relatively high, see the picture quality is relatively high-definition, almost the density of tempered glass film is small, relatively speaking, the picture quality is not so clear.

2. Explosion-proof performance: This role is mainly equipped with explosion-proof glass film, where the "explosion" does not mean to prevent the screen explosion, mainly to prevent the splash screen fragments after the splatter. Explosion-proof glass material will be broken into pieces after the film is broken, there is no sharp fragments, so that it will not cause damage to the human body even if fragmented.

3. Feel smooth, good touch of toughened glass film delicate, smooth, almost rough glass workmanship, not smooth, there is a clear sense of stagnation when sliding on the phone.

4. anti-fingerprints, anti-oil: drip and pen writing, good tempered glass film is the condensation of water droplets without leaving (the effect of the previous page), dripping on the water will not spread; oil pen is also difficult on the tempered glass surface Write something, and the ink left is easy to erase.

5. With the phone screen fit: Before the film, holding the film in front of the cell phone hole, it is easy to find the size of the foil and cell phone hole alignment. In the fitting process, a good glass film affixed to the bubble is not. Almost the tempered glass membrane affixed to go, you will find that the size of the screen with the phone is asymmetric, there are gaps, there may be a lot of bubbles, how to rule out can not get out.