How to Install tempered glass smartphones protector

Most of customers can not install the tempered glass protector smoothly ,today we wil introduce how to make it ,

Step 1: Prepare this four kinds of tools: Tempered glass screen protector, Alcohol Prep Pad, Dust Remover Sticker, wiping cloth ,

phone screen protector film 1.jpg

Step 2: Rub the cloth with alcohol prep pad to wipe off the grease and bacteria on the surface of the phone

full glass screen protector 2.jpg

Step 3: Absorb the small amount of dust and alcohol on screen with Dust remove sticker

tempered glass screen protector guard 3.jpg

Step 4: Tear the only layer of tempered glass film from the release film

tempered glass screen film 4.jpg

Step 5: Holding the edge of glass protector, slowly put it down on smartphone's screen

temperglass 5.jpg

Step 6: Click on the middle of tempered glass ,and it will adsorb automatically 

how much is tempered glass 6.jpg

Step 7: Finally, wipe the cloth to clean tempered glass's surface and cell phone, congratulations, you make it