How to identify the quality of PET cell phone protective film ?

PET protective film is the most common kind of protective film on the market. Its chemical name is polyester film. Has excellent physical properties, chemical properties and dimensional stability, transparency, recyclability. Can be widely used in magnetic recording, photographic data, electronic Shengbang protective film, electrical insulation, industrial film, packaging and decorative fields. PET protective film is characterized by a relatively hard texture, more scratch resistant. And long-term use will not turn yellow and oil like PVC data. However, in general PET protective film is based on electrostatic adsorption easier foaming and shedding, but even if off the wash in clean water can be reused. PET protective film is much more expensive than PVC. Many foreign famous brands of mobile phones are shipped from the factory, randomly configured PET maintenance stickers, using PET material maintenance stickers work and packaging is more beautiful, there are special maintenance stickers for hot buy mobile phone models, without cutting can be directly For use, some of the well-known brands of mobile phone films on the market are also produced from PET materials.

PET protective film is a more comprehensive packaging film. Its transparency is good, shiny; has a good airtight and fragrant; moisture-proof medium, low moisture permeability. PET protective film is excellent in mechanical properties, its strength and toughness is the best tensile strength and impact strength of all protective film plastic plastics is much higher than the general film; and good strength, dimensional stability, suitable for printing, paper bags, etc. Secondary processing. PET protective film also has excellent heat resistance, cold resistance and good chemical resistance and oil resistance.

   When many foreign famous brands are hand-manufactured, the PET material maintenance sticker is the most common kind of protective sticker on the market. Randomly configured is a PET material maintenance sticker, using PET material maintenance stickers work and packaging is more beautiful, there are maintenance stickers specifically for the hot buy mobile phone models, do not need to cut directly to use. PET is an environment-friendly recyclable material, with a hard texture, strong anti-friction and scratch resistance, good light transmittance, over 90%, and it can prevent glare and prevent dust from adhering. Use will not appear yellow.

   PET material is generally used electrostatic adsorption design, after falling off with clean water can be used for repeated use. The PET material currently on the market has two types of designs and three designs. The two-layer design is a PET low-viscosity application layer + PET peeling layer, while the three-layer design is a layer with a low-viscosity protective film, and the upper and lower upper two layers have a 1/2 label difference. For mobile phones that support screen touch operation and full handwriting operations, or mid-to-high-priced straight body machines and sliders, the use of PET material maintenance stickers is a better choice.