How to identify the mobile phone glass film raw materials?

At present, the glass raw materials of tempered glass film generally have these kinds of brands. High-end: Corning & Short. Middle: Asahi Glass. Middle and low end: plate glass and Luobo. Looks just different brands? The difference between Jeanswest and Reeves? Non-also, depending on the material. The same is the glass, the medium-high-end glass is called (aluminosilicate glass) middle and low-end (called soda-lime glass)


(Al-Si glass) Al-Si glass composition Li20-A1203-Si02 system used, produced by calendaring, thickness of 6-20mm, with high transparency, suitable for chemical tempering and other characteristics of the glass.


The main performance indicators: transmittance: 91.8% (8mm), bending strength: 450-500Mpa; Color: alkali-free aluminosilicate glass is generally colorless and transparent, and sometimes slightly light yellow.


Role: Widely used in: iron and steel, metallurgy, petrochemical, power plants, semiconductors, new light sources, precision optical instruments, aviation, military, instrumentation, printing and dyeing, boiler plant and other high-pressure mechanical equipment.


(Soda-lime glass): Sodium glass usually contains more impurity components, such as iron impurities, so ordinary glass often has a light green color. Sodium-glass has a low cost and therefore has a wide range of applications in construction and daily-use glass products. The window glass that we usually use is also a deep-processed product of soda glass or soda glass. Its softening point is relatively low, easy to melt, due to more impurities, more green products, its mechanical properties, thermal properties, optical properties and chemical stability are poor, used for the manufacture of ordinary architectural glass and daily glass products.


In summary: (Al-Si glass) is a relatively high-end industrial glass, characterized by good light transmission and high toughness. (Soda-lime glass) is the usual ordinary glass in everyday life, and its light transmittance and toughness are slightly inferior.


So much to say before, then the rest is simple. In the cell phone tempered glass protective film industry, Corning and Schott's glass is made of alumino-silica glass, while Asahi Glass Plates Glass Glaze glass protective film raw materials are soda-lime glass. Many businesses claim that their glass film is Corning & Short. How to distinguish it? The answer is simple: Color, as previously said, the color of aluminosilicate glass is colorless and transparent, sometimes slightly yellowish. The soda-lime glass is greenish. Tempered glass film is so thin, the front can not see the color, the opposite of the glass film Jun look over, side to start to know.

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