How to identify cell phone tempered glass film

In the market a wide range of mobile phone foil, the number of which is the most practical, certainly a few tempered glass foil. Toughened glass film set wear-resistant scratch-resistant, anti-fingerprint, explosion-proof and many more in one, the price is much higher than ordinary cell phone protective film. Once it was born, it quickly became popular. For such a high price of mobile phone foil, the quality of good or bad compared to ordinary protective film, no doubt even more crucial.

I believe many people are still confused now, there is no intuitive way to both simple and accurate identification of tempered glass film is good or bad. The method is still there. Next, we systematically introduce several authentication methods!

1, Scratch Resistance: Toughened glass film can not be the same as ordinary mobile phone protective film, can only take a steel ball or wire brush, a good tempered glass film, can be directly blade, scissors, keys and other hard and sharp items Hanging above, if the surface is easily scratched, needless to say, such a film is certainly off. Good tempered glass film is difficult to draw clear scratches on it.

2, anti-fingerprint: for the identification of anti-fingerprint, many people know, press directly on the finger, there is no fingerprint, anti-fingerprint. But the specific effect is good, to what extent, bad and not good in what place, but few people know how to distinguish. Here I give you two ways: dripping and writing! Anti-fingerprint good tempered glass foil surface is poly water, drop a few drops of water on top, the water will not spread, shaking, then, just like mercury on the ground rolling the same, there is no trace of. Another way is to use a pen (pen) to write on it. Good anti-fingerprint, it is difficult to write things on it, even if there is a little trace, are just a wipe completely no trace of any. If the anti-fingerprint is poor, then God things can leave traces on it, oil pen written in the above words, you have to wipe out a lot of trouble.

3, explosion-proof: This is a crucial thing, not only related to the cell phone protective film can well protect the phone, but also related to your own safety. As we all know, glass scraps can easily cut people. A qualified tempered glass film, not just not like ordinary glass is not broken can be qualified. No matter what, are likely to be damaged, not to mention the glass! A piece of high-quality tempered glass film will not show any debris after it has cracked, and there will only be broken lines. To knock the way to identify, in fact, is a very irrational approach. No one posted a protective film is to get something smashed. You can explain problems by tapping, but not all the problems, after all, who can not guarantee that he can fully control the intensity at a balance. As we all know, hard things, the better the flexibility, the stronger the anti-strike capability. So we can test it by bending, etc.

4, fit: cell phone protective film bought, paste actually is a very particular question. Good film, it is always easy to paste it. Toughened glass film process can be done without asking people, unlike ordinary mobile phone protective film, you need some skills to paste it. A good tempered glass foil, tear off the protective paste, directly in accordance with the order, gently press a point on the phone, you can completely fit themselves up, without leaving bubbles. And paste is very tight and very solid, if the quality is poor, it will be such a problem.

5, various senses: transmittance can be tested, but not so easy for each environment to do things, so the most simple and direct way is to use the visual to see. Without contrast, you may look the same, but as the saying goes, a mule is a horse and a yo knows it. As long as there is contrast, it is easy to distinguish between the advantages and the disadvantages. There is the feel, and some toughened tempered glass feels very delicate feeling, perhaps than the phone's original touch screen feel better touch the film. However, it is very rough. Not smooth enough. I believe no one likes to slide on the phone, there is the kind of sticky feeling it.

Or that sentence, a wide range of mobile phone foil, tempered glass film is the most practical, good saddle with a good horse, of course, a good phone with a good film. The basic is how to identify the advantages and disadvantages of a tempered glass film is very intuitive, very simple method.