How to correctly identify the real electroplated fingerprint oil?

An anti-fingerprint effect of a tempered film is good or not, and it is very important to see if there is any fingerprint oil. The elephant's cell phone tempered membrane has a very good anti-fingerprint effect by electroplating fingerprint oil. So how to distinguish between genuine and false plating oil?

Can pass the feel. When using a tempered film, the hand feels smooth and silky, and fingerprints are removed in a single touch. It is electroplated fingerprint oil. So is there a more precise method? We can use a professional instrument, water drop angle tester to test.

liquid glass iphone 6.jpg

With a tempered film of electroplated/plasma fingerprint oil, the water droplets will retain their spherical shape (116°) to a great extent and will fall down. Non-fingerprint film, below 105°

 The water drop angle determines the anti-fingerprint effect of the glass film. The larger the angle, the smoother the hand feel and the less likely to leave fingerprints.