Foil or streaking, cell phone film knowledge

Do not need the film on the phone screen film has been controversial, just as the haze day wearing masks have no effect, support and opponents have their own insistence. So, the phone screen in the end foil is good? Or "streaking" is good?

iphone plastic screen protector1.jpg

Support for the majority of mobile phone screen film with "thousands of bought mobile phones, how can the screen be scratched" psychology; and support for mobile phone screen "streaking" is more emphasis on product experience. Whether it is foil or "streaking", first of all we need to know those little tips mobile phone foil.

First, the plastic film and ordinary plastic film contrast

tempered glass back protector2.jpg

Now we commonly used mobile phone film is divided into two categories, one is a plastic film, and the other is tempered glass film.

Plastic film is the kind of so-called "HD film, high permeability membrane." This film is cheap, thin and good light transmission, the basic will not affect the user experience. But the disadvantage is that scratch-free and easy to become a fingerprint collector, due to the low hardness, whether it is the key or something a little more sharp can scratch this thin plastic film.

The tempered glass membrane with tempered glass material, anti-scratch, anti-fingerprint than the ordinary "HD plastic film," a lot stronger, but the price is relatively higher.

Second, paste the tempered film can guarantee the screen is not broken it?

iphone 4 tempered glass 3.jpg

We often see advertisements that make the tempered film blown to pieces, such as the three defenses of "sea, air and land" ...

Although the steel film is indeed higher than the average plastic film hardness, scratch resistance and other aspects of some are stronger, if the phone fell from a relatively low height accidentally, tempered glass film can indeed play a protective role, reducing the screen broken Probability. However, if you often "hand slip" or the phone dropped from a relatively high place, the broken screen is not without incident.

Third, in the end is posted or not posted good?

In fact, the film Ye Hao, do not paste Ye Hao, all have their own advantages and disadvantages.

After affixed to the film, due to transparency, color reproduction and other factors, the visual experience certainly not "bare screen" to well.

But not the film, then on the bag, pocket, over time, it is possible there is a small scratch on the screen.

Here to the friends who want to foil a suggestion, the time to choose the foil must choose not to hurt the eyesight, quality guaranteed film, do not seek the cheap use of inferior foil.

So, do not like the film buddy, if you want your beloved cell phone screen is not scratched, you can use the phone protective cover; in the bag, pocket, remember the phone and sharp items separated.

Membrane spent, broken screen, watching mobile phone feel like haze days can not see people is the same, so usually when using a mobile phone, the key is to pay attention to clean care, so paste is not the film is no difference!