Features for Anti Blue Light Glass FILM

1. Anti-Blue-ray: Eye protection against blue light radiation technology, blocking high-energy Blu-ray 40%, care for the mobile phone screen to protect the eyes.

2. Explosion-proof crack: special tempered treatment, buffer hit, no debris, eliminate accidents, use safety, the best (zui) good stand-in!

3. High-definition: optical-grade transmittance, 100% restore the screen itself, and can further sharpen the screen detail display!

4. Carved edging: leading the industry's high-precision carving process, 10 milling process carefully crafted, ± tolerances strictly controlled within 0.01mm!

5. Responsive: thickness is only 0.3MM, smooth touch, control zero delay!

6. Cohesion & Flow: Liquid does not adhere, easy to manage!

7. Fool-style sticking method: human-friendly foil assistant tool kit is attached, and the super-adhesive force, alignment, put down, automatic adsorption, eliminate air!

8. Scratch resistant: AGC imported material, hardness up to 9H.