Features and Classification for Silicone Protective Film

Silicone protection mold is a screen protection film that is mainly used to protect electronic products. Now the mainstream silicone protection film is PET silicone screen protection film, suitable for mobile phones. Computers. Various types of screen display surface protection mask mirror, surface glass and so on. Anti-scratch and anti-radiation protection mask, the protective film uses a unique imported environmental protection electrostatic adsorption silica gel layer technology, so that your electronic product screen protection by a full range of silicone protective film.




Silicone protection mold with high precision extrusion coating, high cleanliness, no white spots, white fog, sand holes, no drawing, no scratches, etc.; with low adhesion, high adsorption, automatic bubble fast, resistant High temperature, good resistance to chemical solvents, easy shearing and tearing without leaving adhesive residue!



Silicone protective film in use can be divided: digital products silicone protective film, automotive silicone protective film, silicone protective film and other household. But now silicone protective film has slowly become a generic name for screen silicone protective film.




The general silicone protective film also varies according to the thickness of the applied product. The thickness of the mainstream silicone protective film is 0.055, 0.075, and 0.095 (mm).


Application area

Applicable to all types of screen protection, production process computer keyboard protection, low surface electrostatic protection. LCD, LCM screen surface protection and anti-seismic protection, application of electronic screens, instrumentation surfaces, automotive instrumentation, enclosures, air conditioning surface and surface protection of various household appliances, too tight a board, optical sheets, optical resin board and other surface protection.