Easy to understand choice for OLED or LCD screen phone

Now with more and more mobile phones using the OLED screen, OLED technology slowly into everyone's sight, and manufacturers often propaganda will be compared with the LCD screen, the two screen technology in the end what is it? This article will take you to learn about those things LCD and OLED.

A screen material and the principle of light

The main material of LCD screen is liquid crystal. The principle is that the liquid crystal will show different light characteristics under the action of different voltages, so the liquid crystal can display different colors after being projected by the light source, finally showing the picture we have seen. The main material of OLED screen is organic luminescent material. The principle of its luminous is that when the current through these organic materials will emit different colors of light.

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In other words, the LCD screen is like cellophane with different colors, showing the picture we see under the illumination of light. The OLED screen is like having countless tiny color LED lights that show us The picture I see

Two .LCD and OLED advantages and disadvantages

After the precipitation of the LCD, the related technology has become very stable. The advantage is that the production cost is low. At the same time due to the backlight, LCD screen brightness is generally higher than the OLED screen. However, the disadvantage of the LCD screen is also more obvious. For example, the uneven distribution of color and brightness, display gamut is not high, which are hard to overcome LCD.

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The OLED due to the nature of self-luminous, so the distribution of color and brightness has its own advantages. At the same time OLEDs have a near-∞: 1 contrast ratio, making it easier to support HDR (High Dynamic Light Rendering) functionality when looking at Dark Series more clearly. However, as a still evolving technology, OLEDs inevitably have some technical problems waiting to be solved. For example, the OLEDs can not display the same picture for a long time and display brightness is low, and the life of the OLED screen is shorter than the LCD screen.

Third, the status and future of LCD and OLED

Today, the LCD screen still occupies most of the market, but with the outbreak of a full screen, more and more mobile phones start carrying OLED screen. Although the OLED screen will always have problems such as burning screen and other troubles, but with the development of technology these problems will be solved. In contrast LCD screen, its technology has encountered a bottleneck, LCD's old problems have been criticized by countless people. So I believe OLED screen will be the future of the mainstream.

Now the main manufacturer of small-size OLED screen is Samsung (SDI). Samsung's small size OLED screen technology is more mature, its own flagship AOMLED screen acclaimed, and iPhone X screen is also Samsung supply. Samsung alone in this area is detrimental to other handset manufacturers, will lead to other handset makers difficult bargaining power, at a disadvantage in the negotiations. Fortunately, other screen suppliers have been catching up, like the domestic BOE (BOE) recently announced the country's first 6-generation AMOLED panel production, which may break the monopoly of Korean firms.

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Great future for OLED, LCD can find ways to reverse the decline it? Samsung monopoly OLED technology, BOE can break it? Let us look forward to it!