Difference between tempered glass film and Hydrogel film

Mobile phones are one of the most popular electronic products in daily life. However, since the screen of the mobile phone is made of glass and is easily ruptured by external factors, the mobile phone protective film has become an indispensable accessory of the mobile phone. Now, Film has a rigid glass membrane and water film!

Tempered glass film we all know is made of glass, the hardness is relatively high, not easy to rupture, can protect the cell phone membrane is not fragmented, high definition, can restore high cell phone color, and now there are anti-blue light on the market Glass film, there is a certain anti-blue effect, reduce cell phone radiation more damage caused by the eyes.

But the hydrogel membrane is a new cell phone protective film on the market, consumers do not have high awareness of the hydrogel membrane, many people will be wondering, is the hydrogel membrane is the phone tempered membrane? Hydrophilic film first contact with friends all know that the hydrogel film is not tempered glass, but a soft film, but compared to the previous HD film is completely different.

Hydrophobic film material is a layer of TPU soft film, it has superior ductility and retractility. It has the function of automatic repair scratches, paste it to do not want to tempered film so thick, so this film will not affect the phone feel, because the film affixed to the film after simply do not feel there, as it is also a cell phone skin.

Hydrophobic film has a strong flexibility, can naturally attach to the surface of the screen, all-round no dead ends fit;

Fully with the curve, the integration of the screen. Not afraid of the daily knock knock touch, fall and fall, can buffer scattered from every corner of the unexpected power, to avoid the screen shattered;

Highly transparent without impurities, a clear reduction of the screen color, did not feel attached to the film!

Full cover soft TPU film.jpg

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