Difference between Hot bending and Normal Glass protector

Mobile glass protector in the production process have to say 2.5D arc edge process, iPhone6 is to use 2.5D arc screen, the mainstream smart phones are used 2.5D screen design, 2.5D screen What does this mean? What is the difference between it and a 3D screen? 2.5D, 3D screen mobile phone tempered film is achieved through the high temperature heating to heat bending effect, that is, hot bending tempered film, curved tempered film, in the process than the ordinary tempered film to be complex, to understand the hot bend tempered film with ordinary The difference between tempered film, first come to understand the 2.5D screen.

 What does a 2.5D screen mean? Today, what we commonly call 2.5D screens are smartphones that use 2.5D glass screens. As early as 2011, Nokia introduced the first 2.5D screen mobile phone - Nokia N9. In simple terms, a 2.5D screen means that the edge of the mobile phone's screen-protecting glass uses a 2.5D arc design, and only the edge of the screen glass adopts a curved surface design, but the bottom screen itself is still purely flat. Popularly speaking, the 2.5D screen mobile phone is a protective glass over the screen with a 2.5D arc surface design, in addition to the edge of the arc is not flat, the rest of the phone screen is still a pure plane.

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The 3D screen on the market, now 3D screen mobile phones have been popular, but there are many technical problems. To understand the difference between hot bending tempered film and ordinary tempered film, in fact, very simple, through the above ordinary screen, 2.5D screen and 3D screen schematic comparison, you can see the difference at a glance. In simple terms, an ordinary screen is a screen that is a purely flat surface with no arcuate design; a 2.5D screen is flat in the middle, but the edges are curved; whereas a 3D screen, with a curved design in the middle or at the edges , By high temperature heating to achieve hot bending effect.

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