Difference between 3D mesh tempered glass and 3D soft edge full glue tempered glass

Difference between 3D mesh tempered glass film and 3D soft edge full glue tempered glass film

1. The whole piece of 3D mesh tempered glass film is tempered glass material. When the cell phone is dropped, the corners of the film may be broken. However, the protection effect of the whole glass on the mobile phone will be better. When the mobile phone accidentally drops, it can release external force through the breakage of the membrane to protect the mobile phone.

2, 3D soft edge full Glue tempered glass  film In addition to the middle display area is tempered glass, the four-sided colored area is a soft carbon fiber material, not easy to break edges. However, when the mobile phone is seriously dropped, external force will be transmitted to the mobile phone, which may result in damage to the mobile phone.

(This situation rarely occurs in daily use).

3. The middle display area of the 3D mesh tempered glass film is an invisible mesh process to ensure that air bubbles do not appear during the bonding, while the middle of the 3D soft edge full glue tempered glass film is all-glue absorption, so the touch feel is significantly better than the dot process when the soft edge is used. .


To sum up, the dot process and the soft-edge glue process each have their own advantages, mainly to see what the user value or like.