Description for PET silicone protection film

PET silicone protective film is widely favored by the market and consumers, is widely used in various types of electrical and electronic product surface protection, such as; laptop keyboard protective film, LCD protective film, LED protective film, mobile phone protective film, garment processing, Industrial packaging and so on, here we come together to understand the advantages of pet silicone protective film and related knowledge.


PET silicone protective film layer application introduction

There are many PET silicone protective films, the most common is the three-layer transparent PET film, the main purpose is the mobile phone screen, tablet computer screen, monitor screen and other surface protective film, is also everyone's most commonly referred to as "protective film". Silicone PET protective film has stable performance, no rainbow pattern, convenient die-cutting process, good application performance, and is widely welcomed by the market.

There are also double-layer PET silicone protective film, four-layer PET film - mainly used for hand-machine screen protection film, also often divided by glue series: silicone PET protective film, acrylic adhesive PET protective film, PU adhesive PET Protective film.

The advantages of PET silicone protective film

Because PET material has the advantages of light weight, high strength, good transparency and gas barrier, non-toxic, tasteless, etc., it has achieved rapid development. Since the 1990s, the production and application of plastic packaging materials have sprung up like mushrooms. Then, with the maturity of touch technology, PET materials will naturally use a variety of LCD screens, which is today's PET silicone protective film. .

Product parameters

Thickness: 0.01mm-0.12mm (special specifications can be customized)

Color: transparent, blue, black, milky white, black white, special colors can be set according to customer

Width: 20mm-1650mm. Special width can be set according to customer

PET protective film products are widely used in plastic products, metal processing, electronic appliances, garment packaging and other industries

product features

1. Imported material, highly transparent material

2. The surface of the protective film is scratch-resistant and wear-resistant. The scratch index is up to 3H.

3. The protective film is protected from ultraviolet rays to prevent damage to the eyes caused by ultraviolet rays

4 can reduce the reflection of 90%, light transmission rate of 99%, the picture is clear and vivid, protect the quality of the picture is not distorted

5. It does not deteriorate due to the long time, and it will not leave corrosive adhesives on the surface of the screen like other adhesives. It is safe and reliable. Repeatable paste, leaving no trace, no corrosion of the surface