Corning Tempered Glass Film

In the digital world, electronic screens have always been the focus of much attention by manufacturers and users. At present, screen materials are the most commonly used, and the highest market acceptance rate is nothing more than Corning tempered glass film and sapphire screens. Basically, the vast majority of manufacturers' mobile phones and tablet products will be covered with a layer of gorilla glass or direct sapphire casting screens for protection.

  On the other hand, I believe that a lot of friends have this experience: The first thing after buying a new cell phone is to wear a film. The direct reason for this behavior is simple: a few thousand dollars are bought, and it is understandable to spend a hundred tens of dollars on protecting the screen. After all, mobile phones are not fast-moving consumer goods, they have high value and they have a long service life. People will always have a special kind of psychological care for new items. In addition, the probability of damage to the mobile phone screen is far greater than that of other parts, which most directly affects the user's experience. This is the reason why Corning tempered glass film is widely used in domestic and international branded mobile phones.

 The birth of Gorilla's fifth-generation Corning tempered glass film this year has won enthusiastic response from the market. At the same time, more and more screen protection technologies have also been developed and launched into the mass market and are well known.