Advantages and disadvantages of mobile phone tempered glass film?

Often concerned about the mobile phone industry, friends must know Corning gorilla protective glass is the most high-end mobile phone protection layer, which represents a screensaver standard is tempered glass, tempered glass with its high hardness, high transmittance Advantages make the phone screen to get the maximum protection.

The emergence of mobile phone tempered glass film make up its blank in the low-end mobile phone market, cell phone tempered glass film is the United States in 2012 a new mobile phone protective film is currently the most intensive protection of the screen to protect the high-end new products.


This protective layer thickness of only 0.1 mm, the original screen can be completely covered to prevent damage by external forces, scratches, but also increased the impact absorption, than the PET film5 times higher than the standard. Will not affect the screen video effect.

So cell phone tempered glass in the end what are the advantages and disadvantages of what is it, today for everyone to introduce the advantages and disadvantages of cell phone tempered glass. 


1,High hardness, the general surface hardness of plastic film does not exceed 3H, while the glass has a hardness of 6H, Treated tempered glass higher, you can even reach 8H


2, Scratch-proof explosion-proof, tempered glass membrane can prevent cell phone accidental impact caused by broken glass panel splash, greatly reducing the danger to people, but it also has better scratch resistance, easy to leave scratches , While the ordinary plastic film is a period of time there will be a large number of scratches appear, greatly affecting the appearance of the phone. 

3, high transmittance, tempered glass transmittance reached 98%, the basic does not affect the phone's video effects, and some high-end tempered glass film also features anti-blue, can effectively reduce the phone screen to the eye damage .

4, easy to paste, tempered glass film compared to the biggest advantage of plastic film is easy Affixed, it is very easy to paste it, just three steps can be done, and there will be no gas Bubble, beautiful and strong, ordinary people can paste their own, just align the edge and the opening of the place, one on the line, there is no need to foil film Columbia's help.


1, Tempered glass film than the average film thickness, although many of the current tempered film can be made very thin, but compared to the plastic film is already very thick, you can clearly feel it. 

2, although the hardness of toughened glass than ordinary glass to be stronger, but it is always glass, glass is blew (own rupture) risk.

3, the surface of tempered glass there will be uneven (wind spot), A slight thickness thinning. The reason for the thinning is because glass softens after hot-melt,

After strong winds So that it quickly cooling, the smaller the internal glass of the glass gap, the pressure becomes larger, so the glass after the tougher than before the steel to be thin.

4, targeted,

Tempered glass film is based on the size of the screen and cell phone models customized for some of the popular cell phone may not have manufacturers to do,

This is worse than the plastic film on the one hand, because the plastic film can be cut, adaptability.