9 Selling Point for Tempered glass film

Tempered glass film, also known as mobile phone tempered glass film, tempered glass film, ultra-thin reinforced glass film, explosion-proof glass film, anti-acid-base glass protective film, tempered glass to protect the vision screen film and so on. A new generation of tempered glass film is a new screen protection glass film. With anti-acid, protect eyesight and other functions. Tempered glass film around the keyhole position and the use of advanced 2.5D (arc) process, with good feel, anti-broken, easy point control and other characteristics of excellent visual effects.

1, explosion-proof

By the high-end silicone resin film fit, so that toughened glass protective screen more complete and more humane, even if broken, it will not splash around.

2, a variety of colors optional:

Transparent, black, white, pink, yellow, purple, red, blue

3, complete accessories:

With pink and silver two metal Home key stickers, feel better. With a wear-resistant transparent side foil and back foil for your iphone4 / 4S / 5 to provide 360-degree intimate protection.

4, high-definition:

Optical grade transmittance, ultra-low reflection, high-definition high permeability; 2.5D tempered glass film is highly transparent (light transmittance of 98% or more).

5, anti-fingerprint:

6, Responsive:

Thickness of O. 4mm, although the ordinary film 3 times, but the use of the touch reaction speed is even more excellent. 2.5D curved tempered glass, cutting fine, after the attachment, the touch is more agile, ordinary touch to eliminate jerky touch, feel more smooth, more fluid operation; the use of high-quality anti-static adsorption film, the product fit and score Demolition is simple and easy to operate.

Anti-fingerprint polymer surface treatment, fingerprint protection than ordinary protective film greatly improved (Note: At present, under the technical conditions, 100% anti-fingerprint is impossible, tempered glass film can maximize anti-fingerprint effect);

7, anti-acid:

Special oleophobic coating products so that oil-resistant, anti-acid, anti-fingerprint, eternal clear and clean.

8, protect eyesight:

Long time use, the eye is not easy to fatigue, better protection of eyesight.

9, high-intensity scratch-resistant:

Glass material after high temperature toughening, the surface hardness of 8-9H, strong impact, difficult to scratch. 9H hardness, much higher than the ordinary film 3H hardness, reject screen scratches, the test shows that under normal conditions can ensure 3 years will not scratch.