3D printing or key aspects of high-end manufacturing in the field of industry 4.0

At present, the "Internet +" strategy is showing the momentum of the Sparks, and many industries have launched related touch-screen plans. Driven by Industry 4.0, 3D printing, which can be integrated with the Internet of Things, cloud computing, and robotics, has become a key link in the high-end equipment manufacturing industry and is expected to usher in explosive growth. From the perspective of institutional layout, many public and private funds have already laid out relevant concept stocks in advance.

3D printing will bring a real manufacturing revolution

It greatly reduces the complexity of design and manufacturing, can design and manufacture singular structures that cannot be processed by traditional processes, and has obvious advantages such as low cost and short production cycle, especially suitable for high-end products such as power equipment, aerospace, automotive, medical equipment, etc. Manufacturing of key components. At present, it has begun to shift from research and development to industrial application.

In the eyes of institutional investors, 3D printing will bring a real manufacturing revolution. Haitong Securities believes that in the last round of the industrial revolution, the manufacturing industry mainly reduced production costs through mass production line production and intensive production, and realized economies of scale. 3D printing will rebuild the manufacturing industry organization form and supply chain model. The combination of manufacturers and consumers brings about a disruptive reconstruction of the manufacturing industry and brings infinite innovation space. Driven by market demand, favorable policies and support for technological innovation, the 3D printing industry will accelerate into the growth period.

From the perspective of policy support, on February 28 this year, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the Ministry of Finance issued a national 3D printing development promotion plan. It is proposed that by 2016, a relatively complete industrial system will be established, and sales revenue will grow rapidly and grow at an average annual rate. The speed is over 30%, and the overall technical level is synchronized with the international. Dr. Li Xuhong, author of "3D Printing - The Engine of the Third Industrial Revolution" and the Department of Taxation and Finance of the Ministry of Finance, said that 3D printing integrates new information technology, intelligent manufacturing and materials technology, and will revolutionize the way of manufacturing and industry, and even Productivity and production relations have great strategic significance for China, the world's manufacturing plant. With 3D printing technology, China's manufacturing industry is expected to take the lead in high-end manufacturing.

From the perspective of market space, the output value of China's 3D printing industry in 2013 was 2 billion yuan. A number of brokerage research reports predict that the next three to five years will be the rapid development of 3D printing technology. This year's industry output value is expected to reach 8-10 billion yuan, and it is expected to reach 10 billion yuan in 2016. The industry's overall annual growth rate. Will be as high as 30% or more.

From the perspective of the civilian printing market, the market-driven force is strong, mainly because the threshold for the technical level of civilian-grade printing has been greatly reduced. The three elements of design procedures, molding processes and raw materials are quite mature in the civilian market, plus the price of printing equipment and consumables. Significantly reduced, thus opening up a huge market space.

In the industry's view, as the printing speed increases, new printing materials are put into use, and new manufacturing methods are used, the industry will continue to maintain rapid growth. Among them, the growth of aviation, automobile, medicine and other fields is strong. From the perspective of the layout of foreign giant companies, GM, Boeing and BMW and other high-end manufacturing giants have begun to invest heavily in 3D printing research.

Driven by the "Internet +" strategy, 3D printing can be integrated with IoT technology, cloud computing, big data, and robots to realize the integrated mold manufacturing of manufacturing. The traditional field of connecting objects no longer exists, making high-end manufacturing more Perfect, in the high-end manufacturing, medical equipment and other fields have a broad space, the future will become the key link in the high-end manufacturing of the industry 4.0 field.