OEM 9H Nano Diamond Ceramic Coating

OEM 9H Nano Diamond Ceramic Coating
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9H Crystal Coating Super Hydrophobic High Gloss Shiny Like Mirror Nano Ceramic Coating Liquid Glass Coating


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Packaging DetailsOne Nano Car Liquid Ceramic Coating 
One Sponge 
One small Box 
100 PCS oen Carton 
Customized OEM design Supported
Delivery TimeIn 7 days


The ODL BOY diamond paint protection kit is a do-it-yourself nano bionic kit that provides simple and practical application steps to get a clean and shiny car without any professional knowledge or professional help.

Our new generation of nano-bionic diamond technology mimics the lotus effect of nature, and the lotus effect refers to the self-cleaning performance of the superhydrophobicity exhibited by lotus leaves. Our unique nano bionic technology is an interdisciplinary combination of nano and biotechnology.

ODL BOY nano bionic diamond coating creates a waterproof, dustproof and durable nano protective layer on the surface of your car.
Now let's take a look at the very simple and user-friendly application steps of the first experience with the ODL BOY nano bionic diamond coating kit.

ODL BOY Nano Bionic Diamond Coating is your own, easy-to-use product that uses its savings.
A 30-ml bottle is enough to make a two-box sedan.
Multiple coats are not necessary.

9H hardness
The hardness range is used in the paint industry to determine the hardness of the paint, H is the ability of the coated surface to resist scratching, and the balance between hardness and flexibility is important.

3D deep gloss
The agglomerated nano-bionic particles with excellent cross-linking capabilities provide a tough, three-dimensional structural high-gloss flexible coating.

Hydrophobicity and stain resistance
Our new generation of nano-ionic ceramic technology mimics the lotus effect of nature, and the lotus effect refers to the self-cleaning performance of lotus leaf blades that exhibit superhydrophobicity.

These materials describe materials with a single cell size of 1 and 1000 nanometers.

Prevent paint from discoloration and oxidation.

Anti-acid rain
Durable, anti-acid rain.
Dust can easily blow off dirt.

Remove dust from the paint job.

Prevent water stains

Application procedure
ODL BOY nano bionic diamond coating is a unique product made by custom formula (DIY) and it gets clean shiny car protection without any professional support. Product applications are very easy to use in cars.
Now you are ready to coat with ODL BOY nano bionic diamond coating. You don't have to paste the car first, we recommend it to eliminate any scratches or any other flaws that may prevent the real color from flashing.
Kit items
30 ml nano bionic ceramic coating
1 coated sponge
1 microfiber

Gold bottle/silver bottle 2 colors can be arbitrarily matched













































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